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Advertising - Order Form for a Standard Advert

  To advertise your business on www.clothesshoesaccessories.co.uk costs just 25 per year.  Your advert will include:
  • A description of your Business (up to 50 words).
  • A web link to your website.
  • An image, picture or logo (size 234 pixels wide by 125 pixels high).
  To order a Standard Advert with Web Link & Picture please complete the form below.
  Before you submit this form please read our terms and conditions.  The cost of the Standard Advert with Web Link & Picture is 25.00 per year.
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      Note - We reserve the right to amend the category of you listing to be consistent with the rest of our directory.  If you wish to be listed in more than 1 category please add a note in the comments field and will email you with the cost of extending your advert into these extra categories.  
Total Cost of Order:   
      Payment to be made online via PayPal.  Payment instructions will be displayed after you have submitted this form.  
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      Note: This field is mandatory.  A valid email address must be entered in order to submit this form.  
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